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1、会议(Meeting):是一种活动,其参与者的主要行为是出席教育会议,参与讨论和社交活动,或参加其他经过精心组织的特殊活动。这类活动没有展示环节。还可以参考下文的年会、展览会、贸易展览会、消费展览会(An event where the primary activityof the attendees is to attend educationalsessions,participate in meetings/discussions, socialize, or attend other organizedevents.There is no exhibit component tothis event. See also Convention, Exhibition, Trade Show,andConsumer Show explained in the following paragraphs)。

2、展览会(Exhibition):在现场向参观展品的观众展示产品、服务或促销材料的活动。与博览会、贸易展览会一样,这些活动主要聚焦于建立B2B的关系。见贸易展览会、消费展览会、展销会和公众展览会(An event at which products,services, or promotional materials are displayedtoattendees visiting exhibits on the show floor. These events focus primarily onbusinesstobusiness(B2B) relationships (same as Exposition or Trade Show). See Trade Show,ConsumerShow, Gate Show, and Public Show)。

3、活动(Event):一个经过精心组织的场合,如会议、年会、展览会、特殊活动和晚宴等。一次活动往往具有几种不同但相互联系的功能(An organized occasion such as ameeting, convention, exhibition, special event, galadinner,and so on. An event is often composed of several different yet relatedFUNCTIONS)。

4、年会(Convention):为了实现共同的目标,某个行业协会或组织的代表和会员们参与的集会,其常见活动有教育研讨会、委员会会议、社交活动和协会管理会议等。年会的主要特征之一是在特定的时间循环举办。可以参考会议、展览会、贸易展览会、消费展览会的定义(Gathering of delegates,representatives, and members of a membership orindustryorganization convened for a common purpose. Common features includeeducationalsessions,committee meetings, social functions, and meetings to conduct the governancebusinessof the organization. Conventions are typically recurring events with specific,establishedtiming. See also: Meeting, Exhibition, Trade Show, and Consumer Show)。

5、讨论会(Seminar): 在一名主持人的引导下,参与讨论的专家分享自己在特定领域的经验的一种讲座或对话活动(A lecture and dialogue allowingparticipants to share experiences in a particularfield under the guidance of anexpert discussion leader)。

6、专题学术研讨会(Symposium):与会者均为某个领域的专家,专家们在会上将发表和讨论论文,并就所讨论的问题提出富有建议性的观点(A meetingof a number of experts in a particular field, at which papers are presented anddiscussed by specialists on particular subjects with a view to makingrecommendations concerning the problems under discussion)。